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A Real Lesson in Digital Citizenship

Part One: Summary

In this classroom, one day the students and teacher sparked a new idea about digital uploads, in terms of uploading pictures of people who don’t give you permission to take their picture. The students in this generation don’t think anything of taking a picture of their peers and posting it to a social networking site, because they think that’s the only place it will end up. Little do they know that one picture could go viral. These actions are harmless to the person taking the picture, but teachers can no longer guarantee the safety of most students. Teachers take pictures of lessons for learning purposes only and encourage their students to do the same. The problem comes when students begin to take pictures with their friends and strangers get caught in the background. The kids in the background no longer are safe and their picture can end up anywhere. This lesson becomes very difficult in this society because majority of kids have devices that have the ability of taking a photo and instantly sharing it. To begin in solving this problem the best way to do so is have a discussion with the older kids. During this discussion a kid in the hallway was screaming and making a scene. For this child this is the way he shows happiness by screaming and clinging on to his aid, and the other kids were informed of this, so a picture of him doing this wouldn’t be a big deal because he’s “happy”, but to a stranger this would be a frightening sight. After this visit out in the hall the older kids finally understood that posting the picture of this student would have serious consequences. After this discussion the kids had a whole new outlook on how that kindergartener would feel. The students also got a real life experience out of the lesson along with a discussion.

Part Two: Question and Answers

Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

A1: I agree that kids need to be more careful when taking pictures of their peers for the safety of the ones who don’t know their picture is being taken. Those individuals have no way of defending themselves. I also have never thought of this before myself before reading this article because I grew up in this generation, we don’t think anything bad can happen and we tend to not think of others and their personal property.

Q2: How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

A2:  I think this issue will hinder my teaching practice because kids and technology will never slow down, they’re always going to be uploading pictures and posting statuses. I think I will be worrying about my kid’s safety everyday, and by worrying I won’t be as focused on my teaching as I could be. I will have to find a way to teach my kids about this issue while also staying on track with my lesson plans. My kid’s safety is my number one priority so I will do what it takes to help them.

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