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Blog #4

KCS plans Internet on school buses

Part One: Summary

In the Kokoma-Center school district they are planning on installing wireless Internet in all of their buses. Installing this would be just one of the new additions of school districts transportation upgrades costing almost $200,000. Along with Internet, officials are also planning on installing GPS systems. This process is not a new idea for most districts, according to one superintendent they have had this plan for more then a year and just never took action until now that is.  This is something the kids will look forward to. What kid would not want to have Internet access on the bus? This does not only include to and from school bus rides. Internet access will be available to students who are involved in after school activities who are traveling to and from events, games and competitions. This will give not only the kids, but also the coaches the ability to do business and homework on the bus. The kids and coaches are not the only ones who benefit; it is the parents and bus drivers too, not because of the Internet access, but the GPS systems, allowing them to track the buses and know exactly where their kids are. Not only does it show where the buses are at, it tells the speed and what the divers are doing. The new system will help the transportation of the buses run smoother, helping the parents who have concerns about where their children are. But this, of course, does not come free. It will costs districts $60,000, and then every year after $25,000 and the Internet access will cost $125,000 up front and $5,000 a year, but these high costs are worth it.

Part Two: Questions and Answers

Q1: How will the issue help or hinder student learning?

A1: I believe it will help student’s learning because they now do not have an excuse for not doing their homework when they have another obligation that night. It is hard to tell if they will actually do homework or just go on Facebook on the bus ride, but they now have the option to, where as before they did not. 

Q2: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

A1: I agree with installing Wi-Fi in buses because like I said before students can now get their homework done. I remember the long bus rides to cheerleading competition and how there was nothing to do. Now with the new upgrades kids will have plenty to do to keep them busy. Also, I agree with the GPS system because if I were a parent I would want to know where my children were. 



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